The Secondary Years

The teenage years are a critically important time – when a student transitions from a child to a young adult. No one teaching strategy can match this dynamic period of growth and personal development. That’s why we bring together the best research and people to cater for a diverse group of students, taking into account their abilities, needs, interests and learning styles.

We make sure our Year 7 students have everything they need to navigate the transition from primary to secondary education. Our Year 7 programme takes into account the specific challenges of this time, ensuring students have extra support and a safe space to call home.”Mrs Michelle Rundle, Head of Year 7

Throughout secondary school, pastoral care is an integral part of our students’ experience. We provide a positive, happy and supportive environment which allows our young people to mature and prosper. 

Students in the secondary school are provided with opportunities to explore their interests and talents, ensuring there is a valid pathway for every RGS student as they reach their senior years. Students are given access to career guidance and counselling and are supported by a network of academic and pastoral care staff. 

Find Your Passion

Our Co-Curricular programme is designed to give your child the space to try new things and we encourage all our students to 'have a go'. This is because we know that participation from everyone is central to a successful school, regardless of ability or experience.

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World Class Facilities

Our extensive on and off-site facilities are the perfect place for your child to learn, live and play.

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Technology for Tomorrow

Our secondary school tablet PC programme is an integral digital resource available to each student from Year 7 onwards. Every student is provided with a wireless, portable personal computer to call their own during their time at RGS.

While this digital resource is important for encouraging independence, these devices are purely intended to be an educational tool for both students and teachers alike.

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Learning Enrichment Centre

The Learning Enrichment Centre is a separate facility within the secondary school. The Centre provide a specialised, supportive environment in which to identify a student’s individual needs and devise strategies to accommodate them.

The Centre is staffed by qualified teachers and supported by experienced teacher assistants. The Centre operates an affordable user-pays system for the provision of additional tuition support.

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