A Thriving Community

Boarding has formed the core of The Rockhampton Grammar School since our founding in 1881 and will always be at the heart of our School. 

Valuing our position as Queensland’s largest boarding school, our vibrant boarding community is very much about the people who reside within it. 

There are a lot of opportunities at RGS. Being a boarder - there's no restrictions. It's all here for you.”Trader Wilson, RGS Boarder parent

Conveniently located in one of Queensland’s largest regional centres, we are proud to be chosen as the school of choice by families throughout Central Queensland, Far North Queensland, the Northern Territory and overseas. We also take the responsibility seriously.  More than a third of our Secondary School students are boarders and we do everything we can to make sure they feel safe, comfortable and happy.

We never take for granted the trust that boarding families place in our School.  It is a major life decision for parents to choose where their children will go to school. We are privileged that so many families choose RGS, to not only provide a high-quality education but also to care for their child and provide a “second home” throughout the school year.   

We'll Take Good Care of Them

As a home, in addition to a school, support services are available to RGS boarders around-the-clock. RGS is fortunate to have a state-of the-art Health Centre on campus that is staffed by qualified and caring nurses. The Health Centre provides a 24 hour on-call service for all boarding students.

As well as medical services, we cater to other aspects of physical and mental wellbeing. School psychologists and a visiting Chaplain are available for students to support their mental health and personal development. A nutritionally well-balanced diet is also provided at all times and the dining room readily caters for boarders with food allergies and intolerances.

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A Second Home

We do everything we can to reassure parents that at RGS their child is surrounded by the best care possible. From the very beginning, our students form deep connections with those around them. Live-in teachers and supervisors are on-hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that boarders feel welcome, supported and cared for.

Our staff provide the emotional and academic support your child needs, while fellow boarders become a diverse network of friends made for life.

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Support for Regional and Remote Families

As a regional school, we are mindful of the challenges that regional and remote families face and we understand the difficulties that distance can make. We work in partnership with parents to ensure that their child is well supported and that importantly, they remain strongly connected to their home life.

Our agricultural facilities and activities enable students from rural backgrounds to maintain their connection to the land and thrive with a more interactive style of learning.

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